Friday, May 14, 2010

Ms. Furniture

I know, I know it's been forever since I have blogged. My life had been so boring that I didn't really have much to say. Then my life got so busy I didn't have time to say anything! I have some time, so I thought I would go ahead and just update you on my life.
First of all, I got a job! I am working at a preschool called Christ Lutheran Child Development Center. I work with older two's and younger three's, but all of them are potty-trained. Hallelujah! So far, everything has been great. It is an answer to prayer. This preschool is kind of different because they do a lot of letter recognition instead of themed weeks. Only half of them can count backwards from 10, but all of them can recognize the letter "G" and tell you a word that starts with that letter. I just can't help but wonder what will happen when they go to kindergarten and know all of the letters that are being taught, but none of the shapes or counting skills they need. Anyway, I could go on about that for awhile, but most of you don't care.
I thought I would post some funny things that have happened at the preschool in the last two weeks I have been working there.
-When I walked in on my first day the first thing we did was "Jesus Time". After we talk about what we are learning about Jesus, the kids have share time. Well, I thought this would be great for them to get the opportunity to talk about their favorite toy or movie, but apparently they had something else in mind. As we went around the circle, it turned out everyone wanted to share "hot dog", until one girl said "cupcakes." Everyone burst out laughing. Weird kids.
-All the kids had a really hard time learning my name. Usually kids this age call me "Jifer", but I was really surprised that all of these kids were able to say my name. However, there is one precious girl named Bellamy that came up to me saying, "Teacher, Teacher". I said, "My name is not teacher. What is it?" She thought for awhile and then said, "Ms. Furniture?" HAHAHA cracked me up!
- We have two Chinese children in our class who don't speak English, which let me tell you is so frustrating! The little boy can kind of communicate, but the girl can't at all. When she gets upset she talks non-stop in Chinese, and let's just say she's very persistent. Anyway, they both come to school in long pants, t-shirts with a turtleneck over it and a jacket. The low in Dallas these days is usually in the 70's and the high in the 90's. Apparently Chinese people are afraid of their children getting cold. Both the boy and girl wake up from naptime drenched in sweat, but refuse to take any layers off. Not to mention, the girl's grandmother lives with her and apparently teaches her she should never sit on the floor. Well, half of our day at school is sitting on the floor. So, Amanda pretty much has a huge fit (in Chinese) about sitting on the floor. I heard that language barriers can be tough, but this is crazy!
Moving on, Derek and I are getting involved with our church, Fellowship Bible Church of Dallas. Derek is working both services with the 4th and 5th grades. He is a small group leader, and now he is starting to lead the big group sometimes. He is also helping plan the curriculum for both large and small group, so that's great experience for the future. I am working with three year olds during the morning service, so we went to Metro for the first time last Sunday. It's a service that meets Sunday nights and is more focused on people our age. Derek and I feel like God is really working with getting us involved in this church, and we are so excited! We've met several couples who we are starting to be friends with through the church. One couple invited us to join their small group, which we were thrilled about.
Anyway, for those of you in Little Rock Derek and I will be home the 28th through the 31st and we would love to see you!
That's my life. I will try to post again soon! :)

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